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Sculpting - In an earlier life

One of my earliest pieces of work was when I was a Chef in the army. While attending my basic training as a cook I entered an International Salon Culinair. This was a competition between chefs around Australia, both from the private sector and defence forces.

That year I won a Bronze award for this drum. It was made up of 1475.5 sugar cubes. Each being stuck together with icing sugar. The top, Ropes and leather straps were made from a harder icing. The badges were all modelled from army badges. Each of the badges represented different members of my course who came from different corps to become cooks. They were then painted with edible paint. Presented on a circular mirror and surrounded by Bavarian Creams. 

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One of the things we did as chefs was to model using pastry margarine. This margarine can be held in your hand and never melt. It was used when making puff pastry. This sculpture took two weeks and was a replica of a Lotus Buddha. I won a Silver at another Salon Culinaire.


Close to finishing in the army I created a large sculpture of a Leopard Tank. This was for The Armoured Centre at Puckapunyal. I received a letter of thanks. There was a photo but I am still trying to get a copy. Especially as Prince Charles opened the centre and the photo is of him next to my sculpture.

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Several Years Later

Sculpting in Clay

First clay scupture 2014

After several years of my wife suggesting I should give clay ago, I went and took a course at the freemantle art school. That was were I started with my first sculpture in clay of Sir Winston Churchill some five years ago.

Sculpture Gallery

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I have always been keen in art and photography. Over the last several years I have had the privilege to travel. With that travel I have taken many pictures and built an extensive library of images. Many of my photos can be found on the site viewbug.com. I have won several of their competitions and many peer awards being over 11,000 to date. This is now proving to be quite beneficial as I am starting to use them as reference photos for my paintings.

Photographic Gallery

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While I have been sculpting over the last several years I have heard that painting would be beneficial. 2019 I started to prepare myself to do exactly that. Initially searching the web to find YouTube videos from which I could learn and locations within Western Australia where I could study. In the end I started with online tutorials with Michael James Smith an English landscape painter and fantastic teacher.

Since then I have painted several landscapes and a couple portraits. I must be doing something right as I recently received two commissions to paint two portraits.

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